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Contracted Regular Works

Using our dedicated team of professionals, we can adhere to all regular contract works, from local retail deliveries, such as furniture, home electricals and other items, to corporate and professional bodies removals and secure relocation works.

Dedicated Contract Works

We have set teams, vehicles and equipment set aside for contract works, we have regular pre-allocated contract works already in place and we are already looking to expand our clientele on these. At present we contract for private companies moving residential furniture into secure locations, we run collections for a local company and deliver refurbished goods for a local store.

Set Contractors

We would love the opportunity to become your set contractor, our staff will wear uniform provided by you to ensure they keep up the image of your company, or non-branded matching uniform if you prefer. All our staff do not smoke and remain courteous at all times, both on and off-site.

No matter how big, or how small your contracted works are, no matter how regular (if at all regular) please do get in touch and speak to us about the opportunity to work together and release the potential of using Davids Helping Hands as your preferred contractual supplier.


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We would love to put some of our client logos here, but their confidentiality is more important than that….