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Dedicated Licensed Waste Removal Specialists

In todays busy “on-the-go” lifestyle its very easy to accumulate large volumes of waste, especially in households that have a large number of occupants, or a very busy lifestyle. Waste can easily accumulate and end up being stored and stacked until you can take no more – then you make a sensible decision to call in a team who can remove it for a good price with minimal disruption to yourself (or the environment!)

Licensed Household Waste and Garden Waste Removal Specialists

Here at Davids Helping Hands we have a dedicated team of waste and clearance removals porters, as well as dedicated vehicles, equipment and a network of contacts to ensure your waste is disposed of (or recycled) in accordance with all local and national laws and guidelines. Our waste removal can include (and is not limited to)

  • Slabs, brickwork and rubble
  • bagged waste (wet or dry)
  • Old lawnmowers and gardening equipment
  • Compost bins and barrels
  • Discarded kitchen appliances
  • Felled trees and branches
  • Cuttings and clippings
  • Food waste
  • Patio furniture
  • Fly-tipped waste
  • Renovation debris

We also demolish and remove old sheds, garages and greenhouses.

Why its important to choose a REPUTABLE LICENSED Waste Carrier

Fly tipping is a huge problem in North Somerset (article, article, article), with between 80 and 100 reports PER WEEK to the local councils. Its often easy to opt for a lower-than-cost* price, but will your waste be disposed of properly, and if not, did you know it would be YOU who becomes liable for prosecution (its your waste) regardless of whom took it.

With the rising of “beer money Bob”, a term used to describe someone who is “looking to make a quick buck” without the care to their, or anyone else (including your) reputation its very easy to be tempted to take on a much lower quote than a reputable company, but in the long run it will cost much more.

We price fairly and will be transparent with all our pricing, so that you can break down disposal costs and labour – please speak to us before you consider a ‘too good to be true’ quotation, you may be surprised at how low our quote will be.

*lower-than-cost means a price lower than it costs for licensed waste carriers to dispose of waste at licensed waste disposal stations.