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Secure and Confidential Removals Work

At Davids Helping Hands we have experience and professionalism in secure and confidential relocation and disposal work. Our team are able to provide full DBS disclosure as well as able to prove apt training in security protocols and show care and consideration to the relevant task.

Confidential Document Removals

We can provide confidential document removals from your business premises to other business premises and ensure we have guards on loading and unloading, as well as provide live tracking so you can see the location of your goods at all times. We can assist in ‘crating’ documents or move locked filing cabinets or secure boxes.

Special Needs Removals

We work with local organisations in moving individuals with special needs, often dealing with medical professionals and social workers, both on and off-site, to ensure your clients needs are met and the removal goes according to plan, we have hands on experience with many types of customers needs from mental health to physical disabilities, and are respectful of these needs at all times.

Legal Relocations

We have moved many individuals from horrible situations and liaised with public protection officers (and the Police) in ensuring a safe, rapid move has taken place, ensuring full confidentially by using non-branded vehicles and plain uniform, which we do upon request at any time. Ensuring we do not record our personal clients details, or addresses at any time throughout the process.

We do not use photography equipment (including mobile phones) during our secure and confidential works.