Cut Price Waste Clearance – Cheapest Prices

Fly tipping in North Somerset and surrounding areas is at an all time high, with an estimated 80-100 calls to report incidents PER WEEK. Here at Davids Helping Hands we represent fully licensed waste carriers in North Somerset and have our own code of ethics and policy so you can rest assured your waste and clearance items will NOT be fly tipped.

It would be really unprofessional to complain of other local businesses who are under-cutting professional companies like ours and not disposing correctly of waste and clearance items, in some instances fly tipping, these companies are usually easily identifiable by some of the prices they quote being less than it actually costs to legally dispose of waste you have charged someone to collect, for example £20 would NEVER cover any costs to even visit most commercial refuse sites! – Whilst we keep our prices low at all times and recycle whenever possible, we cannot compete with prices lower-than-cost, nor will we try, however, there are more serious costs at bay here.


So if your waste is fly-tipped you are responsible to (1) – have the waste disposed of (again) in a legal manner using an authorised company – (2) pay the fine (up to £30,000) – (3) Face prosecution or worse still, prison.  You can only then take the unlicensed carrier to court as a civil matter and at most claim your money back (£20) which will usually cost you more in costs.


We are fortunate in the Somerset areas to live very close to woodland, fields and picturesque non-urban pastures and lands – illegal waste carriers and those not disposing of items properly take full advantage of these remote locations, for tipping your waste and clearance items – this is unacceptable, it is not fair on the wildlife, not the owners of the land who then have to pay to get it removed – just because its out of sight, does not mean its out of mind, because if the police are called they will always investigate and always follow through with criminal proceedings – as above – this will be YOU in court, not the “beer-money-Bob” nitwit who you gave a few quid to, to dispose of your rubbish.


Those who are avoiding paying to dispose of commercial waste (waste they have charged to remove) properly, it is proven in recent court cases, are not declaring their income correctly to the Inland Revenue (HMRC) with 2 recent cases (whereby the ‘carrier’ was questioned) actually being on benefits too! Whilst its OK for Del Boy and Rodney to miss a few quid off their returns, is this really the dealings of a professional honest business? Would you let these rouges into your home or business and know they could be trusted?

In 2015 a well known “Tip Run Man” was arrested for possession of a class A drug with intent to supply, this man was also reported to be a hard drugs users, this man was being let into peoples homes and properties to do cheap “Tip Runs” (using his private car vehicle to take to the tip – illegally, thus avoiding any costs) , filling up landfill at our expense, meaning our council tax goes up and up to cover his “easy money”.

We would love to name the above person, although he hasn’t been seen for a while, we would also love to list some of the companies and private individuals who you should avoid at all costs, including people who have been caught doing the crime, but we wont, as we wish to remain as professional as we are at all times – we get a bad reputation because of these unprofessional people – however our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.